Additional Services Price List

If your website requires any of the following items, we consider these to be in addition to our standard scope of service for your fixed price web design and additional charges apply at our discretion.  Please note that we only do this to keep our business operating efficiently and to compensate us for the cost of our valuable time, rather than to make a profit, so we would appreciate your understanding as a business owner if we have to apply these charges. 

1. Additional Content Over 2,000 Words


  • Excessive content supplied with question list upfront -  ₹500 INR up to 5000 words.

  • Excessive new content during edits - ₹500 to ₹1000 INR

  • Quicklinks to navigate long content - ₹300 for up to 15 links

  • Custom price list exceeding 20 items - ₹300

  • Additional pages created during edits - ₹900 per page with content supplied.

2. Receiving Content or Edits in Inefficient Format

  • Providing your information in handwriting/jpeg/scan/photocopy/newspaper clippings - 150 per page to get typed up 

  • Content re-arrangement during edits due to disorganization or change of mind - From 200

3.  Logo or Request a Graphic Design Logo 

  • Logo Designing with Social Media Files as per your choice 2000/ Logo with excessive use of Logo .

4. Photo Gallery - Additional Scope Items & Custom Requests

  • Multiple photo galleries once your first gallery has been complete in the draft - 200 per gallery, max 20 photos per gallery.

  • Photo uploads of high resolution images greater than 1 MB (25 in quantity) - From 200

5. Slideshow Banners Custom Requests & Change of Mind

  • Change of mind from static to slideshow banner - 200

  • Customized banner requests - 200 per banner

  • Graphic design enhancements to banners - ₹300 per banner

6. Appointment Bookings, Calendars, PayPal and External Application Configurations

  • Appointment and calendar booking applications - ₹300

  • PayPal configuration - ₹400

  • Payment Gateway Integration ₹1200

  • External application configuration - ₹1500

  • Extra Amount of E-mail Id's Development ₹100/ Id

7. Re-design of Website Due to Omission of Guidance or Change of Mind


  • Re-designing your website during production due to omission of guidance upfront - ₹3500

  • Re-designing your website during production due to indecision or change of mind - ₹3500

8. Additional Edit Revision Rounds

  •  Additional revision requests - ₹1500 per additional revision

9.Extra Features on Your Web Design - Quote Forms, Articles, Vouchers, Non-YouTube Videos

  • Customized quote forms - ₹150 per unique quote form

  • More than 10 resources/articles/downloadable files - ₹80 per article with teaser/full article

  • Video upload (non-YouTube) - ₹100 for a file up to 1GB. 

10. Hosting,Domains and Email Configuration Services

  • Hosting Services/ Domain Upgrade or extra space - ₹1000/Upgrade as per hosting provider.

  • Domain configuration fee for non-standard or difficult registrars - ₹1000. 

  • Domain re-directions for pre-registered domains - ₹100 per domain.

  • Change registrant email on your domain name - ₹50.

  • Additional domain registrar transfers for extra domains that will re-direct to your website - ₹100 per domain name .

11. Website Transfer or Restoring Your Website After Deletion or Unpublishing It

  • Website Transfer - ₹1000.

  • Site restoration - ₹1000.

12. Annual and One-Off Editing Services

  • 1 monthly update with all your edits provided by email - ₹5000 per year  -   VAGAWEBS offers a complete solution if you are too busy to make text and image edits to your web design. Our service covers one round of edits per month, including newsletter upload, text and image edits. Our service does not include page additions, which can be quoted separately, design changes or SEO work. If you would like to make your web design updates 100% hassle free, please contact us today to take up our editing service. 

  • A one-off edit to your web design - ₹500 to ₹5000 - If you need help with a one-time edit only, we can do this for a one-off charge to be quoted depending on your requested edit eg uploading newsletters, creating new pages, uploading your new recipe.

Treat Us Kindly

VAGAWEBS reserves the right to refuse continued service to clients if we believe that you are better suited to a designer who can meet with you face to face to discuss your ideas or if you deal with us in a rude manner.  Our core service, web design, is occasionally complicated by issues beyond our control such as third party domain ownership, historical website hosting or requests which need clarification. In such instances, we ask you to at all times treat our staff kindly while we work through them with you.

We retain the right to refuse continued service if any staff member receives communication that is abusive and/or threatening in nature. In such instances, no refund will be provided.

​We respond better to positive personalities (and will go that extra mile to help when we're incentivized with good manners). Please remember that there are real people behind these computer screens with feelings. 

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please contact us.