Submitting your Edits

Congratulations on your draft website!  We have created a web design to the best of our ability using your initial information and guidance.  The purpose is to give you a visual look at how it’s coming together and now is the time to shape it to your satisfaction.

Please review each page of your website for accuracy and approval and reply to the email from your Project Manager with your required text and photo edits on each page.  For example in your email you can write:

Home - correct the years of experience from 12 to 13 years.
About Us – delete the last sentence of the first paragraph
Services – add a bullet point that says “bathroom renovations” to the main list
Gallery - delete the third picture in the first row of the gallery
Contact - add the following mailing address:  Indira nagar, Lucknow, UP, 226016

We would appreciate if you can be considerate of the following instructions regarding the edits process.

  • You Can Submit Up to 2 Revisions of Edits for Your Website - please take the time to carefully review your web design and make your edits as considered as possible. Any additional revisions will be charged at  ₹1500 INR per round.  

  • Please Submit Your Edits to Us in a Single Email - make sure any attachments or photos are included, unless you have photos that exceed the size limit of your email application in which case you may send more than one email.  We do not want to receive multiple emails with single edits or thoughts in each one, you must consolidate your thoughts carefully before hitting the "Send" button on your email. We will provide you with a Dropbox link to upload all your photos for high volume attachments.

  • Please Familiarize Yourself With Additional Scope Item Charges that May Apply - we can assist you with almost anything you want on your web design beyond our standard service at an additional charge.  Due to our websites being fixed price, we must apply additional charges to account for our time on extra scope services.  Read our list of Additional Prices here.

  • Text Edits Permitted - you may submit corrections to the current content, typos and minor additions to improve the accuracy of your content.  We recommend that you provide your suggested wording to replace the draft wording because you know your business best and to minimize any uncertainty.  If you have specialized content for your business service, please provide this to us written as you would like it to appear on your website. We can provide additional content writing services for specialized topics at an additional charge, please let us know so we can assist. 

  • Photo Edits Permitted - you may indicate photos that you would like to be removed or replaced on your pages.  Try to be specific when noting the photos to delete and if you would like photos to be replaced, give specific instructions on what you would like instead – you are also welcome to send your own photos.

  • Design Edits Permitted - you may request some changes to the fonts, logo, header and footer arrangements. We have selected a design template that is based on your guidance provided in your completed question list.  If you provide major design change requests to your initial guidance (or you did not provide any guidance in the question list), this may be considered a re-design service and additional charges may apply at our discretion if extensive re-design is required to meet your suggestions.

  • You Can Make Your Own Edits With Our Easy Self-Editing - don’t worry if you think of new edits later, you can easily make all your own changes once you have self-management access.  We promise it’s easy and we’re here to support you along the way.  

  • Excessive Edits or Change of Mind - please respect our Terms & Conditions page during the review process.  If we consider your edits outside our standard scope, we may need to apply charges to protect our time.  This is not to make a profit, it is to keep us efficient and provide the best possible service and use of our time for your business.  Thanks for your co-operation!

Please Deal With Us Kindly
VAGAWEBS reserves the right to refuse continued service to clients if we believe that you are better suited to a designer who can meet with you face to face to discuss your ideas or if you deal with us in a rude manner.  We respond better to positive personalities (and will go that extra mile to help when we're incentivized with good manners). Please remember that there are real people behind these computer screens with feelings.

Please Respect Our Time
We understand that you will have many priorities running your business, so we appreciate updates on your progress even if you do not get the time to reply to us immediately.  If we follow up more than three times and receive no response, we will archive your draft website for 3 months. You may get in touch with us during this time to unarchive it with a restoration fee of  ₹2500 INR.  After 3 months, your website will be deleted.